Process Injection Mold

You are looking to use the best molds and tools, you are looking for a reputable, quality, competitive price mold processing facility, we will be the best answer for you, we specialize in receiving mold processing according to customers’ requirements with many years of experience in the profession and the modernity of machines and human techniques, we believe that will make you satisfied and long-term cooperation with us.

Mold processing is the process of designing, manufacturing and processing according to existing templates to create product molds according to customer requirements, but still ensure the use and effectiveness of the product.

Mold processing not only requires fast, but also needs to be accurate and durable, beautiful. In order to get a perfect product to the customer, we have to strictly, meticulously, carefully every step, from the selection of materials, design, analysis to the processing and finished products. products, it requires a closed process and efficient operation, a harmonious combination of machines and people.

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We will advise and support customers to understand clearly about mold processing products so that products can achieve absolute accuracy, products are created quickly, high quality and suitable for customers. Our customers’ needs and product quality are always our concern and focus.

Nowadays we can come across many kinds of molds with different products. Mold processing has many types such as: punching molds, casting molds, plastic molding molds, molds, precision molds, pressure casting molds… it is widely used in today’s life and you can You can find them all at Lam Hong Plastic, with diverse and rich designs, good quality in services as well as products, customers can rest assured when choosing us as a companion in the field of household mold processing in particular and mechanical processing in general.

Gia công khuôn mẫu Tphcm

Mold processing is required to go through certain stages, including many stages of high technology application to improve the efficiency of design and construction to help bring out finished and standard products.

We are still constantly looking for customers, boosting production, developing comprehensively in all aspects to gain the trust and favor of customers, at the same time, building a brand and a foothold in the market. to contribute to the development of the national economy.

With more than 10 years of experience in mold processing plus the best machine and human conditions, we are committed to being able to fulfill the best and fastest requirements that customers give, whether they are The smallest and most difficult details to do, we always take the initiative in time, control the product well so that we can confidently assure our customers about both products, services and prices as well as warranty regimes. After-sales service with customers, we are gradually rising up and asserting our brand in the mold processing industry and in the hearts of customers who have chosen us.