Making cheap but quality plastic molds – why not?

Making cheap plastic molds is often associated with poor quality – it is a thought that is ingrained in each of us. When buying a cheap product or embroidering a cheap service, people often think of the quality of the product and the service is not guaranteed. However, when making cheap plastic molds, if designers and builders know how to optimize and optimize unnecessary costs, we can completely make a cheap plastic mold but still ensure ensure the requirements that the customer wants.

Factors affecting the price of plastic mold making

One factor that customers are often interested in is how much it costs to make a plastic mold. In this regard, we would like to advise our customers on the factors that determine the cost of a plastic injection product.

Accuracy:  This is probably the most important factor for the high price of mold making. A plastic product with a size that requires an accuracy of 0.01mm – 0.1mm will cost much more than a product that requires an accuracy of 1mm or more. It can be understood as follows; “Products that need to be precise require more precise mold components. To be accurate, mold components require higher precision machining machines. The more precise the machine, the higher the purchase value… all of these factors drive up the cost of the mold.”
Product shape:  The simpler the product, the easier it is to make and to achieve the purpose of use. In contrast, products with complex profiles such as undercuts, threaded products, products that need slides, products that need high gloss, etc., the mold structure will be complicated, and it will take a long time to design the mold and process the mold. , and tested several times. This process requires some not small expenses.
Product weight:  The larger the product, the larger the mold. As the mold material increases, the cost of the mold will also increase.
Above are the two main factors that determine the mold cost. However, if you make molds with us, you can rest assured because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make molds.

How to reduce the cost of making molds?

In order to reduce the cost of making molds, it is necessary that we solve and improve the factors that affect the cost of molds. If they are an experienced mold maker, when they receive a request from a customer, they will:

Upon receiving the customer’s request, we will directly evaluate based on the technical requirements of the product and give the most accurate and reasonable size to reduce the price of plastic mold to the lowest level.
If the product shape is too complicated, it is necessary to improve the product to simplify the product but still ensure the features and technical requirements of the product.
The volume of the product not only affects the mold cost, but it also affects the product cost. There are many customers requesting to make products with too thick walls but it is not necessary. Thick mold walls are not necessarily good, uneven wall thickness will cause difficulties in the injection molding process such as deformation, concave, shrinkage … so mold makers need to calculate into reasonable products, make as thin as possible to ensure the best product price for the customer and at the same time keep the mold cost down.

There are also a number of other factors such as the number of cores in a mold, 2-plate mold or core-changing mold, mold material… When receiving a customer’s request, it is necessary to research with the customer to reduce the cost to the lowest. for customers.



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